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Journey To Wealth Stocks Challenge

For The Holidays, Let's Invest For Our Kids. Its Time To Go From Buying To Owning!

What is The Journey To Wealth Stocks Challenge?

A challenge created by our founder, Ashley M. Fox, who decided to buy her niece stocks for the holidays to help ensure that she is able to attend college free of student loans. The goal of the challenge is to encourage individuals to purchase stock for themselves, their family and friends instead of spending money on actual gifts during the holidays. Why buy your kids gifts that they probably won’t use in the next two years? Instead, you can invest in their financial future by opening a new Stockpile investment account.

How It Works

1. Decide that you want to stop spending and begin investing your money

It is ok to spend money, but why not invest your money so that it can help build you and your family’s net worth?

2. Take the first step, download the Stockpile app, and get $5 towards any stock that you choose.

There is no minimum requirement to begin investing with Stockpile, and even if you do not have a lot of money, you can purchase fractional shares.

For minors, you can open a Custodial Account.

3. Think of what companies you’d like to invest your money into

You are not one who wants to “Get Rich Quick”. You are a wealth builder who values growth and patience. So, ask yourself, “What companies get most of money during the holiday season”

“Do I believe in this company and its ability to grow over the years?”

4. Become an official stock investor, by purchasing your first stock

Focus on making you and your families’ lives greater later. If you are going to constantly give your money to a company you believe in, why not invest in it so that both you and the company can make money together! Plan for your child’s financial future today!

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