Middle School is one of the best times of our young lives. We are not yet in high school, but no longer elementary.
While going through an important learning phase, it is necessary to start building for future financial success. The Money in the Middle program has been created in efforts to provide 6th-8th grade students with the financial foundation most adults learn as a result of trial and error. This unprecedented program takes students on a journey to experience and understand the basics to financial literacy and banking. Through personal connection, practical application, and the gradual release learning method, Empify pushes students to plan for their future, today. This approach allows students to live out their imagination while being educated during the process. Money in the Middle addresses the need for inner city youth to gain equitable access to financial education by using entertainment, real life examples, and hands-on engagement as a vehicle for learning.


Money in the Middle offers high quality: 1-Day, 3-Day, 10-Week, and 20-Week programs. Some of the Money in the Middle topics include:
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    The Basics to Banking and How Banks Work - Checking accounts, Savings Accounts, Debit Card vs. Credit, and more
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    The Basics to Credit - Interest, credit score, credit cards, and more
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    Basics to Investing - Basics to the Stock Market and Investments
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    ….and so much more!





Below are the partnerships our Money in the Middle program has worked with:

FIS Group

FIS Group

Harambee Institute

Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School

People for People Charter School

People for People Charter School


The School District of Philadelphia

Wells Fargo & Company

Wells Fargo & Company


During the Spring 2016, Money in the Middle: Bank to the Future, in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, was created.

Students who participated in the 20-week program, got the opportunity to visit a large financial investment bank. Each child received hands-on exposure to how a bank functions, and with the help of the staff, our students learned the ins and outs to running a bank. We strongly believe that kids can learn and do whatever they desire, however we do not just tell them that they can, but we also show them how.


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