The Empify Life Start: I Just Wish I Knew 102 (1-Day or 3-Day) Financial Literacy Program takes students on a journey of becoming an adult after college.

Most times, after graduation, we have no idea what we’ll encounter when stepping into the “real world.” This program will allow students to live out their dreams careers, but also teach them how to financially plan for it while still in school. Similar to our Empify High program, each student will work through real life examples, but instead of acting as college students, they will now become financially educated adults. The I Just Wish I Knew program assists the college students in outlining their bills, goals, and full financial plans after they complete college.

The Empify Life Start: Money Knowledge for College 102 (1-Day or 3-Day) Financial Literacy Program focuses on the importance of understanding student loans, credit cards, and ways to grow and save your money after college.

Just like the Empify High program, Money Knowledge for College 102 program helps students understand student loans and credit cards by analyzing real life statements, walking through real-life examples, and learning how to avoid the many mistakes most students make while in college.


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